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The Dependable Auto Accident Chiropractor Jacksonville FL

Nov 3

An auto accident in Jacksonville, FL, can leave you with minor or severe injuries. You can get a concussion, broken bones, bruises, back injuries, neck injuries, or joint injuries. You’ll need a specialist to treat these injuries and recover fast. East Coast Injury Clinic is a compassionate auto accident chiropractor Jacksonville FL ready to treat your injuries. We have been offering friendly chiropractic services for years, and here are the benefits of seeking treatment at our facility.

You’ll Avoid Costly Surgery

If you get injured in a car accident in Jacksonville, FL, you will likely need surgery to heal. However, surgery is invasive and costly. And you will likely require more time to recover after surgery. The good news is that East Coast Injury Clinic offers dependable injury treatment alternatives to surgery. Our car accident chiropractor Jacksonville FL will examine your body. They will then pick a combination of treatments and care programs to help you heal. We use chiropractic care, neurology care, physical therapy, and more to treat all types of injuries.  

We Guarantee Fast Recovery 

Our chiropractic treatments and care plans are tested and approved. The concussion Jacksonville FL treatments focus on strengthening your joints, muscles, and entire body so that you can heal quickly. In addition, our treatment solutions will focus on improving your mobility and flexibility, which will be essential in speeding up your recovery process. We also use advanced technology and equipment to offer specialized care, guaranteeing fast recovery.      

We Treat More Than Auto Accident Injuries 

Besides car accident injuries, we treat a wide range of conditions. We treat workers compensation injuries, including back pain and concussion Jacksonville FL. In addition, we treat insomnia, knee pain, migraine, sciatica, whiplash injury, shoulder pain, and ankle injury. Most importantly, we treat sports injuries, lower back pain, arthritis, and pinched nerve. Indeed, we are a one-stop injury clinic treating a wide range of injuries and conditions. 

We Provide the Necessary Documents to Support Your Compensation Claim

If you get injured on the job or in a car accident, you can claim compensation from the employer or insurance company. You will need a doctor's report, medical bills, and receipts to support your claim to increase your chances of getting fair compensation. When you come to our car accident Jacksonville FL clinic, we will ensure you get all the medical documents you need to file your compensation claim. We will also guide you on how to navigate the entire process until you are fairly compensated.  

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